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Libido and Moringa Powder – A Natural Viagra!

Fatigue, annoyances in life or even health problems can lower your libido. To restore its tone and pep, moringa leaf powder is a superfood of choice. Let’s see how moringa natural viagra can help.

Thanks to its high level of vegetable proteins and its richness in antioxidants, which considerably delay cellular aging, moringa contributes to the maintenance of an active sexuality over time. Other nutrients from the plant act in a more targeted way on the libido and make it a powerful natural aphrodisiac.

Moringa reduces stress

In periods of intense stress (personal concerns, professional worries, couple problems), sexual desire and pleasure can be seriously affected, or even disappear altogether. In fact, impotence is often the result of psychological problems. Under stress, the activity of the brain part responsible for arousal decreases. Stress also induces the production of cortisol that can cause sexual disorders. Thus, for men, depression doubles the risk of erectile dysfunction.
As we know, moringa is a natural antidepressant and mood regulator. Among other things, it contains tryptophan, the metabolic precursor of serotonin, known as the “happiness hormone”. Not to forget the essential fatty acids that promote the connections of the nervous system, thus generating a good level of dopamine, known as the “pleasure hormone”. A daily practice of meditation can complement this anti-stress effect for a fulfilling sexuality.

Moringa provides energy

Another recurring cause of libido loss is fatigue. This is caused by a degraded physical condition, generally linked to an unhealthy lifestyle and / or to an underlying health problem. For example, people with atherosclerosis (blockage of blood vessels that affects blood flow) have a harder time getting and keeping a firm enough erection. This is also the case for people with metabolic disorders, diabetes, obesity, heart failure or high cholesterol.
Due to its very rich nutritional value, moringa provides the organs with the energy necessary to function properly. Among the nutrients that this plant contains, we can mention isoleucine, an amino acid that participates in energy production and improves endurance level. In addition, moringa leaf powder is known for its cholesterol lowering, cardiotonic and hypoglycemic properties that stimulate blood flow to the reproductive organs. Enough to support erectile function, both for men (penis) and women (clitoris), while maintaining sexual desire on top!
A healthier lifestyle can also help: no cigarettes or drugs, little alcohol, regular sport activity, a balanced diet…

Moringa promotes testosterone production

Thousands of years ago, in Vedic medicine, moringa natural viagra were among the remedies used to prevent and cure erectile dysfunction.
Today, many recent scientific studies show the effectiveness of Moringa oleifera as a natural testosterone booster. Therefore, men who don’t produce enough testosterone and/or who suffer from hypogonadism can consume daily the powder of moringa leaves – the recommended dose is 5 g per day – as a dietary supplement to improve their sexual performance.