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Moringa, magic powder for women

Feeling good is everyone’s business. However, moringa for women health is a solution to many of the specific health and well-being issues women’s face.

Amongst the therapeutic and cosmetic benefits of moringa leaf powder regular intake, five may be of particular interest to women. Here is the detail.

Moringa powder is galactogenic

For lactating women, moringa leaf powder boosts breast milk production. This explains why, in many countries such as Madagascar and Senegal, the plant has been integrated into programs against malnutrition, a major issue in human development. It is then administered to infants and young children, but also, as a preventive measure, to pregnant and lactating women.
Consuming moringa during the breastfeeding period provides the baby with an adequate supply of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients necessary for its good development and health.

Moringa powder benefits for breastfeeding women

Moringa powder fights anemia

Anemia is the other name for iron deficiency. Statistically, it affects women more than men, especially during menstruation and / or pregnancy because the body then expends much more nutrients and energy for the development of the unborn baby. Fatigue, headache, decreased libido, degraded hearing and vision, dull complexion… Its manifestations are multiple.
To guard against it or remedy it, there is nothing like a daily dose of moringa powder, a prodigious natural source of iron; moringa leaves contain 7 times more iron than spinach! Especially since, thanks to its richness in vitamin C, folic acid and vitamin B12, moringa also facilitates the absorption of iron by the body.

Moringa powder keeps your weight in shape

To maintain or regain your healthy weight, you don’t need a diet. Healthy food, coupled with regular sports activity, will help you more and in the long term. This is where moringa comes in: rich in fiber and vitamin B2 (riboflavin), it helps digestion, reduces fat storage and burns calories to generate energy. Due to its very high protein content (almost 30%), moringa is also an excellent ally for muscle growth. Finally, its detoxifying action accelerates the metabolism, which allows the body to expend in energy the ingested nutrients instead of storing them.

Moringa for weight loss and shape formation

Moringa powder enhances your beauty

Highly nutritious, moringa leaf powder helps maintain the health and natural shine of the skin, hair and nails. Its purifying action eliminates toxins and blocks free radicals, the agents responsible for aging. Its strong emollient power maintains cell hydration. As for its high content of vitamins A and E, it guarantees supple skin, robust hair that grows easily, firm nails.

Good to know: In some cases, moringa leaves can cause uterine contractions. In general, it is recommended that you seek the advice of your doctor before ingesting any food supplement during pregnancy.

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