The objective of this study was to formulate dehydrated green leafy tablets using drum stick leaves followed by supplementation study and to find out the anti diabetic property on the selected diabetic patients. This study showed significant reductions in blood glucose levels among those suffering from diabetes after consumption of moringa leaf tablets, confirming moringa’s use in the treatment of diabetic conditions.
Moringa Oleifera exerts protective effects against STZ‐induced diabetes. The MOMtE exhibited significant antidiabetic and antioxidant activity and active constituents may be isolated from the extract for evaluation in future clinical studies. Phytochemical analysis revealed many active phytoconstituents that could be isolated and examined in future studies to develop potent antidiabetic agents.
This study concluded that ethanolic extract of the leaves of moringa oleifera produces significant hypoglycemic activity in diabetic Wistar rats, hence confirming one of moringa’s anti-diabetic properties.
Moringa Oleifera has been shown to improve plasma glucose disposal. M. oleifera has been found to significantly reduce glucose to normal levels without any obvious cytotoxicity when compared to the model group.

Moringa helps in blood sugar regulation