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ME MORINGA FOR LIFE® is a love story between three protagonists: Jeanne Ngo Yockbag, Manfred Schmitt and Kenya! By discovering the Moringa plant and all its incredible virtues during a stay in Kenya, the two entrepreneurs decide to embark on the ambitious bet of to create a company which responds to ecological, social and economic issues. They then founded ME MORINGA FOR LIFE®, the first African brand to be distributed in Europe, Japan, Canada and the United States!

In addition to cultivating, developing and distributing superior quality products all over the world, ME MORINGA FOR LIFE® is also committed to being at the heart the economy of Msambweni, the Kenyan town where our organic farm is located. ME MORINGA FOR LIFE® engages daily with the local population : by creating jobs, helping people to learn about the virtues of Moringa (a recognized solution against malnutrition) and providing them with plants and seeds to allow reforestation of the territory.

ME MORINGA FOR LIFE®, it is also a desire to be part of a benevolent management with all the collaborators present every day on the farm. “We care about our employees because we believe that their performance stems from their well-being and their enthusiasm” specifies Jeanne, the co-founder by ME®. Finally, the brand is also strongly committed to an eco-friendly approach with organic products, traced and labeled “Organic farming”. As grower, producer, developer and owner of the brand, ME MORINGA FOR LIFE® produces products of irreproachable quality, without GMOs, without preservative, with ingredients controlled, tested and analyzed in the laboratory of his organic farm. “ME” is “You”, “ME” is your body, mind and soul, “ME” means you can be happy and healthy! ” Jeanne Yockbag, co-founder of ME®


The demise of Manfred Schmitt on December 27th 2017, was a blow to ME Moringa for Life®. Especially for Jeanne who lost, more than a partner. She began profound restructuring of the company, re-establishing it as a mordern agro-processing nutraceutical and cosmeceutical complex. This was a challenge that the entrepreneur faced with courage and tenacity. But nothing of it would have been possible without the employees cooperation, determination and creativity. With their support, Jeanne built a strong corporate culture and created a new philosophy that places ME® at the heart of Msambweni community and neighboring villages growth and development.

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ME is at the forefront of technology, constantly innovating and positioning itself as the expert of moringa, the most nutritious plant on earth, endowed with superpowers. From nurseries to high-quality organic products that provide a sustainable nutrient solution to humanity, the integrity of our high-end production chain is guaranteed by innovation. This results from our uncompromising demand for quality. As a producer, manufacturer and brand owner, we make sure to use only the most effective botanical super-ingredients, all tested and verified in a state-of-the-art analytical laboratory installed on our farm. Thanks to this constant monitoring and our demanding quality criteria, we manufacture exclusive silky green products with a superior texture that we can even recommend to our own families and friends. That’s how we fully meet our consumers’ expectations worldwide.

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Because our aim is not profit but human well-being above all, we have adopted an authentic, humanist and eco-friendly approach. This approach is revealed through the quality of our 100% organic products that contain no artificial flavor or additive. This approach manifests itself in the demanding manufacturing processes that we apply, based upon traceability, respect for the environment and sustainable agriculture principles. This approach is illustrated by our happy management: we care about our employees because we believe our performance stems from their enthusiasm. This approach embodies through local actions that are called to become global. Like sensitizing the populations of Msambweni to the consumption of moringa (as a solution to malnutrition and staunt growth). Like donating seeds or plants to them, contributing this way to active reforestation of the region. Like supporting the most vulnerable, the hungry and the impoverished, especially the young orphans.

Last but not least, the company also delegates part of the moringa culture to farmers and their families. This initiative provides them with sustainable livelihoods while promoting gender equality and women’s empowerment (60% of the ME® workforce is female). Sharing the extraordinary power of the “tree of life” with as many people as possible is nothing less than offering the world an effective way to eradicate malnutrition, food insecurity and diseases of civilization. This is the responsible ambition of ME Moringa for Life®.

me doesnt just talk about fair and social, me is verified and social!

WHO IS me ?


Jeanne Yockbag, co-founder of ME®

At me we have adopted a holistic way of life which involves making the right choices to achieve harmony between the three dimensions of our Being – body, mind and soul. Holistic principles include creating healthy and sustainable habits, indulging in self-care, caring for nature, practicing mindfulness and meditation… As a natural highly nutritional plant and healthy food that nurtures our body as well as our mental, moringa is fully part of that holistic approach. That’s why our ME® products are intentionally formulated to provide the balance and health necessary for a fulfilled, joyful and serene life. Living a holistic lifestyle therefore goes far beyond using plants for healing. It’s all about a balanced life in all areas – health, relationships, spirituality, work… That’s what we learn from ancient wisdoms like Ayurveda.



me actively contributes to the development of the local community. Since 2012, me Moringa for Life EPZ Ltd has employed over 1,000 people on the farm on daily basis, from rural community Msambweni, a region with over 80% unemployment. Most people live on less than $2 per day. me plays an instrumental role in lifting each of them and their families from below the poverty line. Creating jobs is the only way to fight poverty and ensure a stable income for the local population. That is real and measurable impact. Currently, 35 million people are fleeing from poverty and risking their lives to get to Europe and western countries, in search of a better life. We must fight hunger where it develops to end this human tragedy. That’s why me is planning to create more opportunities for the locals here in Kenya to create sustainable livelihoods.

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